The Association is a non-political entity with a non-profit scope, that has the goal of promoting culture and art.
The purpose of the Association is the promotion, enhancement and to circulate, both in Italy and abroad, the image and relevant artistic activity of Clemen Parrocchetti, Italian artist, painter and sculptress.
In order to achieve this purpose, the Association may also:
- set up and manage a museum dedicated to the previously mentioned artist, complying with the responsible authorities for this and in respect of law.
- promote events, with or without other associations in the sector or relevant sectors, both in Italy and abroad; these may include exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, conventions, conferences, seminars, publications, CDs, videos, educational activities, etc. In addition, this could apply also to exhibitions in art galleries, focus groups and interventions concerning the artist and her artistic production.
- develop a portfolio of his artistic activity; this could be done with the advisory of external consultants,
- produce and promote studies, research and other publications concerning Clemen Parrocchetti and other artists or artistic movements, particularly if these are linked to Clemen and her period.
- manage and enhance the value of her work, with the consent of the relevant collector owners.
- Undertake guided visits in certain places that Clemen Parrocchetti would attend during her artistic career and overall lifetime.
Also, additional tasks that the association can perform are as follows:
- consultancy, advice, assistance, and support programs for young artists,
- timely reviews and / or preparation and organization of training workshops in painting, sculpture, music, theater,
- management of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography and other relevant art activities, both in the public and private sectors; also, implement support programs, prepare and source facilities for the development, promotion and circulation of artistic and craft activities.